Moving from New York to Boston

Dec 12, 2018 | No Comments

Thinking of moving from New York to Boston? You’re not the only one.

A 2018 study by Redfin, a real estate brokerage company, determined that 34% of citizens in New York City were looking at moving to another area. The most searched city? You guessed it. Boston!

What will be different?

  • The lifestyle. New York City is big and glamorous and always on the move. Boston, on the other hand, is still big, but moves at a much slower pace.

What better way to start your new, more relaxed way of living than by having Mozart Moving handle all the stressful details of your New York City to Boston move for you?

  • The cost of living. Like New York, Boston’s home and rent prices are expensive – although they average about 20 to 25% less than in NYC. However, the median wage in Boston is significantly higher than most areas of the country. In 2017, the average Massachusetts wage was $22.44 an hour, which is 54 cents higher than second-place New Jersey, and $4 over the national average.

According to, the cost of living in NYC is 55% above the national average while Boston is 48% percent higher. Additionally, the average wage in NYC is $69,000, and $71,000 in Boston.

Why not use a little of that savings and let Mozart Moving help take the stress from your New York City to Boston move for you? Our flat rates are more affordable than you may think, and we handle all the details for you.

  • The traffic. No, the traffic is not better than in New York. It’s just as bad, if not worse – and can be a real nightmare if you aren’t familiar with the roads. The streets are difficult to maneuver, and drivers are aggressive.

You don’t want to be stuck trying to drive a big moving truck through Boston if you aren’t familiar with the roads or used to driving something that big. Fortunately, Mozart Moving’s professional crews know and understand Boston moving. It’s our pleasure to make your New York City to Boston move a breeze.

  • The people. The people of Boston are friendly and helpful. They smile and wave, and are always happy to stop and answer your questions, give you directions, recommend a restaurant, or whatever else you may need.

Similarly, Mozart Moving was founded in Boston and we are here to help! It’s our pleasure to assist you by handling all the details of your long distance move from New York to Boston. We’ll see your move through from start to finish, from packing all your belongings, safely loading them in our trucks, delivering them all to your new Boston home or business, and carefully putting each item in its place. And like our fellow Bostonians, we do it all with a smile.

Moving from New York to Boston is an exciting transition, and Mozart Moving can make it easy. Our flat long distance moving rates from New York to Boston are affordable, and we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you.

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